Top Inexpensive Marketing Strategies For 2013

With 2013 settling in, small business need to buckle down and focus on this years marketing strategies to help boost business. Nothing works like magic and in this economy, small business are suffering. Instead of hoping on luck, use the following 10 inexpensive marketing strategies to become cunning and successful in your business.

1. Twitter: This free and easy to maintain microblog is widely used and allows business owners to freely communicate with customers. Promoting your business with Twitter can spread the word on what you’re selling and give you access to millions online.

2. Guest blogging: If you are already seeing your business being talked about on blogs, take it to the next step with guest blogging. You are the expert on your business so why not build that bridge and collect some consumers on the way?

3. Facebook campaigns: Building a strong trust between business owners and consumers is made possible with Facebook. Its vital to keep in contact with customers while showcasing your business on one of the most used social networking sites.

4. Google Adwords: Google can reach a large audience and can be inexpensive if used correctly. Try creating landing pages with surveys and discounts for your business’s products to build traffic and review customer feedback.

5. Local search results: Search engines such as Google or Bing have local sections attached to search results. With the help of making profiles for your business, you have a greater chance of being discovered by potential consumers.

6. Reviews & ratings: Yelp and other useful review sites can shed positive light on your business, gathering new consumers in the process. It begins with encouraging current customers to review and rate your business to help start the conversation.

7. Cultivate media relationships: Having a strong and positive relationship with your local media can benefit your business greatly. Provide testimonials and showcasing your business can help reach a wider range of people, so begin to get to know reporters in your area.

8. Joint venture for marketing: Try advertising with other businesses to reach more customers and possibly have combined discounts with other companies. Offering discounts is a great tactic to pull in more traffic for your business.

9. Video-making: Another marketing strategy to consider is making videos for your business. You’ll save money using customer testimonials, product demonstration, and employee spotlight videos rather than making a high budget commercial.

10. Branding: I left the more complicated strategy for last. Taking a close look on how you promote is important. From the color on your website to the words you use in your advertisements, consider the best way to execute your marketing.


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