Good Old Fashion Upgrade

Making the plunge to upgrade your small business can give you the upper hand in a competitive market. Technology is a tool that can help increase future revenue and decreases issues small businesses experience with outdated technology. Below is a list of five tenchnologies to invest in or upgrade for your small business.

1. Web
The World Wide Web is a big plus to relieving burden off an employer when it comes to communication. Whether it’s communicating with clients, vendors or other employees, web based teleconferencing applications are on the rise for businesses. Adobe Connect is a top teleconference application. Easy to use and great features, communication can be perfected.

2. Mobile Applications
When it comes to small businesses, mobile devices are something to consider. Among many owners, Smart Phones seem to be the most popular. Next to smartphones, are tablets that as well have organizing apps such as Evernote or Square. These apps allow owners to keep track of their business.

3. Mobile Security
When investing in mobile devices, having a strong and reliable security is key. Anything can happen, putting employers in position of worry where the phone that is keeping all their information is lost or stolen. Preventing valuable information from being taken from your work phone can be easy as having a suite to protect and encrypt information. Lookout Mobile Security Premium does just that.

4. Cloud Storage
IT tasks can take up too much time for small business owners. Cloud services can take that pressure and help your business running. Cloud offers data storage, apps like Dropbox that can allow files and photos to be shared and accessed on multiple devices, and Microsoft Sky Drive that replicates files.

5. Analytics
Since the dawn of social media, small business have been leaping to use the opportunity to boost their business. Whether or not that path of marketing is effective, is the question. GeckoBoard is one company to consider in finding out how much traffic you’re getting and if indeed your social media thumb is doing its job.

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