Social Media Pitfalls

Social Media has helped spread the word for business. If used unwisely however, they can do more harm than help. Taking a realistic approach and avoiding common pitfalls with social media can help your business boom. Step one is having a plan. Jumping into anything without a concise plan can lead to confusion and problems. Think things through and set realistic goals of what you want to get out of using social media.

Choosing the right platform is also something to think about. Instead of applying for all applications, choose fewer that will improve the image of your business and is less upkeep than having to update ten different sites. Tackle both sides of the spectrum. The professional types will enjoy platforms like Linkedin while Facebook can appeal to the consumer types. Both very known social media sites, and user friendly.

After deciding on where to put your information, think of content. Ten percent of your social media site should be promoting and selling, while the other ninety percent should focus on building relationships with customers. Seek and share common interest, hear feedback and opinions or start up conversations with subjects that relate to your business.

Responding appropriately to negative criticism can protect your image. Don’t respond negatively back because online, you can’t wipe anything away. Respond instead with a solution, a ‘how to make it better’. Another pitfall is security risks. Hackers can seriously damage reputations and make it difficult to rebuild one online. Set policies for employees on shared information on the company, and keep things like passwords secret. Don’t give a hacker an easy way to what you’ve built just to break it down. Be reminded and remind anyone who has access to the company email, to avoid emails that have attachments or unknown links from people you don’t know. Thats a doorway for hackers.

Having a plan and goal can improve your business and help grow.

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