How Can Yelp Help Your Business?

How Can Yelp Help Your Business?

Aside from Google, there is no more vital site than Yelp for your small business. Yet most people do not even understand the site and its capabilities. For example, is it worth encouraging customers to give good reviews? Does Yelp pay for these reviews? How do you counter bad reviews?

Lets get the facts straight. Take a look at these Tips you may not have known about the website:


1. The biggest category on Yelp not restaurants, but shopping. Shopping reached parity with restaurants in 2011, and has since exceeded that. That perception still remains because restaurants have the natural advantage of having so many customers. Therefore chances are more people will write reviews.

2. The Yelp sticker is a genuine honor that a company must earn. You can’t simply order a “People Love Us on Yelp” decal. The company actually presents them semiannually to companies that get generally high ratings.

3. Yelp’s research found that a customer whose compliments “customer service” is five times more likely to give a 5-star review than a 1-star review. Likewise, almost 70% of those who bash a business’ customer service give a 1-star review. Obviously it pays to be pleasant, polite and helpful.

4. Michael Luca, a Harvard Business School professor, found a connection between a high Yelp ranking and revenue. Luca looked at the Seattle restaurant industry. His findings inadvertently helped endorse Yelp. Among other things, he found that Every Star in a Review Lead to a 5-9% Jump in Revenue.

5. Yelp Tends to Favor Independent Businesses Over Chains. According to Luca’s study, Yelp’s “statistically insignificant and close to zero” when it comes to chains. Luca also found that when Yelp moves into a new market, “there is a shift in revenue toward independent restaurants.”

6. If a customer gives your business a bad review, the business owner can actually dispute it. The reviewers’ can then answer the business owner if the so chose to do.

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