The Best Way to Back up Your Small Buisness

The new standard for backing up your computer, The Drobo Mini is barely larger than your hand, but can back up a tremendous amount of data at unmatched speed.

It attaches directly to your PC or Mac, and can either automatically backup your drive on a consistent basis, or be used as another drive. Because it has redundant disks, it protects your data from disk failure. Utilizing the Thunderbolt ports on the Drobo Mini, it transfers data almost as fast as the disk can crank data out.

The Drobo is using a system it calls BeyondRAID, which can retrieve the data from the other drives and reconstruct it for you, so you won’t lose a thing. You can even select dual-drive redundancy, where even if two drives fail, you’ll still have all your data.

It’s especially useful if portability is important to you. If you do lots of video editing, you’ll feel like you’ve just gotten a gigantic walk-in closet for all of your clips and finished videos. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that your data is backed up and is as safe as it can possibly be.

For someone who has to deal with lots of data, and wants to be sure none of it is lost to the vagaries of hard disk failures, this is an ideal system. Unfortunately it will cost a pretty penny, over one thousand dollars. But that’s what happens when you create the new industry standard.

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