5 Tips to Help you with Social Media

5 Tips to Help you with Social Media

It is always easier to see another person’s mistakes before your own. From the foolish “after hours” tweet, to using Foursquare to check-in at a questionable establishment. Social media offers many opportunities, but be wary, tactless revelations are always just a click away.

Yet there are other social media slip-ups that are far less obvious, and you may be committing them. Mistakes that can hold back your business, job search or attempt at advancement. The following are 5 tips to help

1. Be just as “social” in real life as online

Turn your virtual connections into coffees and lunches. A face-to-face meeting takes you from a computer entity into an engaging and intelligent, real-life person. Not saying you need to set up face-to-face appointments with hundreds of people, but it is never a bad idea to choose a few people you want to impress and set yourself apart by creating mutually beneficial relationships that go offline from time to time.

2. Be mindful

Stay conscious of social media check-ins that could reveal details your company/business would rather keep under wraps. For example, posting your visit to a competitor’s client might hurt the company’s chances for securing new business. Or on a personal level, checking in to the spa on a “sick day,” or using a competitor’s product over the one you’re selling are oblivious mistakes. Besides, do your coworkers really need to know where you’re going to drink after hours?

3. Don’t use poor grammar and spelling

Verbal shortcuts and misfires are fine when texting a friend, but it can look a bit sloppy in public. While “u” might save a couple of seconds, it’s probably better to stretch your fingers toward “y” and “o” first if typing on Facebook post that could be found by the HR guy who interviewed you last week. Grammatical and spelling mistakes make you look bad, so do your best to avoid them.

4. Do not be offensive and inappropriate

It is a fine-line between being yourself and not making everyone else uncomfortable. Use caution with political, religious and sexual comments. A foolhardy joke or spontaneous comment could label you with an unintentional and unfair opinion if seen by the wrong person. If you are unsure what to do, just don’t do it. Also, you can control who sees your posts by double-checking privacy settings.

5. Don’t give halfhearted social effort

Don’t try and be everywhere at once, be selective with your time and network choices. Quality over Quantity. Also, an account with outdated information and an old photo or grayed-out avatar indicates lackluster involvement. Your public profiles should display energy and professionalism, not tepid indifference.

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