Compassion: The Vital Business Model

Owning a small business and being the boss means having more flexibility to take quick action and make decisions without a lot of gripe. Small businesses have the ability to react and respond quickly to opportunities for showing compassion in action.

Your personal branding is the way to present and market yourself, stand out and get noticed. You are your business and your business is an extension of you. Being an out front leader allows customers and community to get more personal with you and your business via everything that you do in social marketing, blogging, video and community involvement.

Compassionate businesses have a few simple and powerful things in common:

  • They care about and put people first.
  • They care about community.
  • They care about the greater good.
  • They care about serving others.
  • Their leaders are out front leaders.

Any business that makes compassion an integral part of their business model will have a good chance to succeed, thrive and build a lasting legacy. How are you showing compassion in action in your life and business?

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