GoPayment from Intuit

For $20 per month, you can use your existing cell phone and text messaging services to process payments. Instead of waiting weeks to get paid, get paid on the spot.

Paying with plastic has been the norm for years, but for many small businesses it has been an elusive benefit. Out on the road, options were limited: buy cumbersome machines for hundreds of dollars, call the office with credit card numbers, or simply miss a sale by refusing to take credit cards.

Now, photographers, contractors, limo drivers and dog trainers — any business that operates remotely — can find a wealth of new software to process credit cards on mobile phones.

GoPayment requires a $60 setup fee and a $20 monthly fee, plus a $0.23 per-transaction fee and 1.64% to 3.54% for credit card processing fees.

Spend an extra $100 to buy a pocket-sized Bluetooth credit card swiper that works in conjunction with the cell phones. Using a swiper lowers the credit card fees — it’s an anti-fraud measure adopted by the processing companies.


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