Small Business, Women, and the Presidential Election

If Mitt Romney wins the Presidential election, Planned Parenthood is at risk to lose funding. For millions of women, that equals a loss of access to birth control, health and pre-natal care. Also, abortion rights will be at risk. Romney has said that he’ll repeal Obamacare. From there, it’s likely that some employers will deny women’s access to birth control through health insurance because of that employer’s personal moral beliefs.

Romney’s been avoiding these issues for a long while now. He says that small businesses are a key element in saving the American economy. What Romney isn’t talking about is that there are millions of women-owned businesses in the United States.

A great many of the women starting and running those businesses are of childbearing years. If access to birth control is compromised, there will most likely be more unintended pregnancies. Whether married or single, this will negatively impact the number of women starting up and running a business. It’s not that pregnant women or mothers of small children can’t run a business, but the reality is that it is more difficult. Consider the costs. By one government estimate, it costs $235,000 to raise a child – and that doesn’t include college. Childcare is expensive, even on two incomes. If you have, let’s say, two children (just to make the math easy), the daycare tuition increases twofold. There are twice as many trips to doctor’s appointments. Twice as many missed workdays due to a sick child staying home from school. That’s two times everything.

Supporting small business in America includes supporting women business owners and workers. Planning the “when” and “if” of motherhood is important if women are to continue on with self-respect and sovereignty. The election couldn’t be closer and both candidates are in a deadlock tie. Only time can tell.

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