Controlling Your Presence in Google Maps

Controlling Your Presence in Google Maps

With over 80% market share, most customers searching for businesses like yours are doing it on Google. When they do, they are likely to come across your business’s “Place Page” listed prominently in the results. You may not know what a Place Page even is or how one may have come to be for your business, but it’s there, populated with basic information about your business that Google systematically uncovered around the web. This listed information may be inaccurate and is almost certainly incomplete, so it’s in your best interest to assume control of your business place page as soon as you can.

Claim Your Place Page
Simply do a search on Google for your business and click on either its place marker or listing in the side bar to the left. Find the “Edit” option and select “Claim your business.” Google will send a PIN to either the business’s mailing address or telephone number to verify that you are the owner.

Flush Out Your Information
The more information you make available about your business the better. The name, address, and phone number may already be listed, but make any required edits. Add a link to your website, your hours of operation, photos, or even YouTube videos. Make sure you also select relevant categories for your business as this helps locate your business in keyword searches.

Motivate Customers
Beyond just adding or editing information about your business, Google allows you to go the extra mile and offer incentives for people to actually visit your business. Building a printable coupon is easy with Google’s coupon creation tools. Just click on the “Coupon” tab to get started.

Gauge Your Success
Google offers you a dashboard displaying useful data on how frequently your business comes up in search results and how often a user actually clicks through to see more. You can use this data to optimize the information in your listing, increase your click through rate, and boost customer visits to your store.

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