Grow Your Business Using Current Customers

Grow Your Business Using Current Customers

As a small business owner, it’s important to know as much about your customers as possible. If you can determine what brings people into your business and what turns others away, you can take the right steps towards growth. The quickest way to learn from your customers is to give an online survey. But surveys, while effective, risk leading you in the wrong direction if designed poorly. Here are some quick tips on improving your surveys.

Define Your Goal

You need to define what you want to learn before you start designing your survey. Keep your survey short and sweet to maximize your completion rate. Focus on one objective and design your survey around that. Keep one objective in mind while you write the survey to ensure that every question is relevant and gets useful results.

The Breakdown

With the core objective set, think about the smaller pieces of information you need.  If you’re evaluating your businesses’ strengths or weaknesses, ask about different elements of your business –your customer service, etc. Each question should address a specific piece of your main objective.

Administer The Survey

Host your survey online on or a similar free service. Try to get your survey into the hands of as many people as possible. Send it to your email list, link to it from your Facebook, or Twitter, and advertise it in your store. Once you have a good set of results, try to pinpoint key problem areas and opportunities for improvement and alter your business accordingly.

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