Google Helps Disassociate Spam from your Website

Google has just recently introduced a new feature for webmasters called “Disavow Links.” This gives you the ability to disassociate a website from unwanted links.

Using the new feature, anyone who controls a website can tell Google which links to their site they would like to ignore. In the video, Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, explains the benefits of the new tool. Google often notifies webmasters when such links exist and is working on ways to include some URLs to illustrate the types of links it finds “unnatural,” says Cutts.

The head of webspam suggest first trying to get the links removed from the web. If that approach fails, he encourages using Disavow Links to notify Google. Cutts stresses that mom-and-pop operations that haven’t engaged in SEO gaming are unlikely to have to use the feature.

For others, the idea is that if you have spam links you can ask Google to disavow it or even disavow an entire domain. Cutts says Google treats such requests as a “very strong suggestion,” but not something Google has to abide by. If Google acts on your suggestion, then it will remove the link within a few weeks.

Video Link:    Google Disavow Links

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