Why Customer Service Isn’t the Most Important Aspect of your Company

You have most likely heard the myth “Customer service matters more than anything else” many times since the birth of your business. I’ve been guilty of spreading this myth myself. Obviously you would like good customer service. But if you don’t have quality products and the ability to fix problems for the customer, then what good is having the best aspect of the company be customer service?

Customer service is a significant factor for small businesses, and customers do care more about it than ever in this world of Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and other customer service stars. Yet if you cannot deliver what you promise, it won’t matter much in the end.

Instead of priding yourself over how your business handles problems, you should pay more attention to eliminate the problems. It is better to simply provide what they ask for (without all the conversation) the first time around than go back and forth with a customer 10 times in a helpful fashion.

I’m not suggesting you become the Soup Nazi (a “Seinfeld” character whose soup was so delicious customers put up with his bad-tempered attitude). But in today’s customer service first mindset, friendly service doesn’t matter unless you’ve got the goods to back it up.

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