Find and Create Beautiful Data Visualizations Easily with

Discover the easy way to supplement your materials with infographics.

Beautiful consumer-friendly infographics have become one of the strongest trends online and off in recent years. They provide a rich method of conveying detailed information quickly and visually, but have traditionally required advanced computer graphics skills to execute well.

A new website,, aims to bring infographics to the masses as a place to both find existing data visualizations and easily create new ones, no special skill sets required.

The site offers three parts. First, a repository of existing visualizations. If what you need is an infographic presenting the differences between Mac and PC people, all you need to do is search for it. Second, vast data sets from government agencies and research firms. If you want to build your own infographics but need data, provides ready-to-use numbers here. Third, simple online tools to create visualizations without any graphic design experience or special software.

The infographic creation tools will go live in the next couple months, but the rest of the site has already launched in a 60,000-user beta.


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