College2Startups Connects New Businesses with Young Talent

Find the Right College Students and Grads to Help Your Business Grow.

New startups need young talent and college students need work. The just launched service, College2Startup, seeks to bring the two together.

College2Startup operates like a customized newsletter. After setting up a profile listing interests and skills, prospective employees receive a weekly email listing startup job opportunities tailored specifically to them. Jobs can be applied for right from the email.

The real strength of College2Startup comes in the matchmaking. While a job search newsletter is hardly revolutionary, this is the first service using the email medium to deliver uniquely tailored opportunities to every job seeker. Startups, when listing jobs in the service, can specify required skills to ensure that only qualified candidates hear of the position.

Startups look to hire college students for many positions but often struggle to find the ideal candidates for the job. By working with College2Startup, young businesses can reach thousands of candidates who possess the specific skill sets they need.

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