Revamp Your Reputation: Google Helps You Maintain Good Standing Around the Web

A small business in today‚Äôs world is only as good as it’s online rating. Unfortunately, anyone capable of turning on a computer can ruin your credibility with just one slanderous review. With such an unregulated forum for discussion, how can any entrepreneur ensure a good reputation?

Luckily, Google realized the plight of the small business owner and has a tool to aid self-regulation of Internet bad-mouthing. “Me on the Web”, a dashboard icon included between account information and analytics, allows you to recover any comment or review linked to your name or e-mail to aid in location and removal of unwanted web content.

Also included in “Me on the Web” are resources for managing online identity to prevent salacious commentary and false claims that could be a detriment to any up-and-comer. So if you have a Google profile, check out this tool and make sure your name is clean on the web while boosting your credibility today!


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